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Architectural Metalwork

& Light Steel Fabrication

General Liability ISO class codes
97651 Metal Erection - exterior work of building 
- Steel frame structures iron work on outside of buildings Contemplated Operations Code 97651 applies to risks engaged in the installation or repair of iron or steel work to the exterior of buildings. The types of structures are detailed in the note to this classification: balconies, fire escapes, railings, staircases, coal shuts, and fireproof shelters. This is not a limited list, the installation of similar metal works to the exterior of buildings may be assigned to this classification by analogy. Operations involve moving the item to be installed

97653 Metal Erection - nonstructural - This classification applies to contractors erecting non-structural metal work which is not described by any other metal erection classification. Examples of work contemplated by this NOC classification includes, but is not limited to the erection of windmills, steel work in connection with permanent grandstands, metal loading platforms, and bleachers. Operations would include handling the iron or steel on the ground, erection of scaffolds if necessary, riveting, bolting 

56916 Metal Works - shop - structural - not load bearing Contemplated Operations This classification applies to a metal shop fabricating structural metal products that are not designed to support the weight or force of a building or other structure. Additionally, code 56916 contemplates the fabrication of non-structural metal. Such fabricated products include, but are not limited to non load bearing columns and studs, balconies, fire escapes, stairways, flooring grates, and railings. Some of these products are classified as ornamental iron

Take A Tour Of My 1,000 SQ FT Welding Shop

We are between Poteet & San Antonio  Along Hwy 16 And Near Stacey Road

Available Shop Coatings

HVLP Spray Guns     Both tank & gravity feed paint guns

Powder Coat Oven   3ft wide  x 6ft tall  and 12ft  long oven

w/ ​Sand Blasting     Engine driven air compressor

Equipment List

All of my equipment is professional grade

and can handle up to 3/8" thick steel.

One - 
Hilti DD160 Core Drill

​One - Lincoln 225 Ranger Welder

Two - Millermatic 210 Mig welders

One - Miller 375 plasma cutter
One - 7x12" Water Cooled Saw

One - Koike IK-12 Cutting Beetle
One -
Milwaukee Mag Drill 4270-20
Four - 4.5" DeWalt 10amp grinders
One -  DeWalt 15amp chop saw
One -
DeWalt Portable band saw
One - 60 gallon air compressor
Two - 4x8 foot work tables
One - Oxyacetylene cutting torch
           And many other hand tools.

Shipping Trailers

One 3 x 14 ft   1,500 LBs

One 4 x   8 ft   2,000 LBs

One 6 x 18  ft  4,000 LBs